The Commission is composed of eleven commissioners throughout the state of Washington. Commissioners are recruited and appointed for their diverse views, locales, and community connections in order to represent the diversity within the Latino population of Washington State.


Andrés Mantilla - Chair

Commissioner Andrés Mantilla is Senior Vice President for Ceis, Bayne, East Strategic designing and implementing creative community outreach and engagement strategies and working on public policy initiatives.

Phone: (949) 230-9130



Nora Coronado - Vice Chair

Nora was born and raised in Moses Lake, WA. Her dad came to the U.S. from Mexico with his parents and siblings as migrant farmworkers. His family dispersed throughout Texas, California, Colorado and Mexico while he remained in Washington State. Nora currently resides in Seattle with her son.

Phone: (206) 714-2614



Anita Ahumada

Originally from Chile, Anita Ahumada acquired her formal education at the Universidad de Chile. She worked as a Social Worker in her native country until she moved to the U.S. in 1970.

Phone: (360) 451-2490



Paula Arno Martinez

Paula Arno Martinez is a Staff Attorney with Colectiva Legal del Pueblo in Wenatchee, WA. Paula practices immigration law, with a focus on immigrant survivors of domestic violence and other crimes. Paula’s practice also includes deportation defense and family-based immigration.

Phone: (712) 478-6289



David Morales

David Morales is legal aid attorney in Yakima focusing on farmworker clients. He practices primarily employment rights and civil rights law. David has previous experience in immigrant rights, voting rights, and prisoner rights, having worked for Latino Justice, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Phone: (509) 907-9100



Brian Moreno

Brian Moreno is a partner with a McDonald's Licensee in Othello, Washington.  A long-time resident of Tri-Cities, Brian actively engages in the community and state affairs as a board member with the Washington Hospitality Association.  He holds a bachelor's in business administration from Kaplan University.  Brian enjoys studying physics, philosophy, and history in his spare time.

Phone: (509) 760-9768



Alex Ybarra

Alex was born and raised in Quincy Washington and is currently an Energy Analyst for Grant County Public Utility District (GCPUD).  Prior to his 14 years at GCPUD he worked for 15 years at Rocket Research Company in Redmond Washington.

Phone: (509) 237-1921