The Commission is composed of eleven commissioners throughout the state of Washington. Commissioners are recruited and appointed for their diverse views, locales, and community connections in order to represent the diversity within the Latino population of Washington State.


Brian Moreno - Chair

Brian’s primary focus is on economic development. He is also passionate about safe communities and the role law enforcement plays within, as well as education. Connecting the lines between upward mobility and conditions of success is a fascinating art and crucial to our understanding of the opportunities ahead of us.

Phone: (509) 760-9768


David Morales - Vice Chair

David is involved in various organizations dedicated to the betterment of the Yakima valley. He volunteers for Yakima Valley May 1st Coalition, the Latino Bar Association of Washington, One America, and lastly the Yakima Humane Society. He is part of the board of La Casa Hogar, a non-profit that aims to serve the Latino Community through education, health and civic programs. He is also the president of the board of el Progreso, an organization founded on Latino political organization, and lastly he is a member of the City of Yakima Equity and Ethics Committee.

Phone: (509)907-9100



Nora Coronado

Nora was born and raised in Moses Lake, WA. Her dad came to the U.S. from Mexico with his parents and siblings as migrant farmworkers. His family dispersed throughout Texas, California, Colorado and Mexico while he remained in Washington State. Nora currently resides in Seattle with her son.

Phone: (206) 714-2614



Anita Ahumada

Originally from Chile, Anita Ahumada acquired her formal education at the Universidad de Chile. She worked as a Social Worker in her native country until she moved to the U.S. in 1970.

Phone: (360) 451-2490



Paula Arno Martinez

Paula focuses on issues related to immigration and farm-worker rights. She has participated in numerous forums related to DACA and other immigration related topics, where her expertise in immigration rights is sought.

Phone: (712) 478-6289



Juan José Maldonado

For Juan Jose being part of the Hispanic Affairs Commission is, more than personal pride, a commitment and an opportunity for him to continue his activist work. His strong values and convictions are the same and he will continue to work toward improving the conditions of those who do not have a voice and suffer despite their work and contribution to this country.

Phone: (360) 840-9310



Leonor Barrienetes de Maldonado

Leonor has had a passion for education since the 70’s and in that time, she has been a migrant teacher, migrant counselor, an assistant high school principal, a middle school principal, a director of ELL students, and an assistant superintendent. She was also the founding director of the High School Academy in Columbia Basin College.  Currently, she is the Coordinator of Migrant & Bilingual Programs in the Prosser School District.  Leonor believes that a strong education affords a voice to the voiceless and opens doors to opportunities. 


Phone: (206) 418-9361


Rene A. Maldonado

Rene A. Maldonado was appointed to the commission in 2017. He is the Foreign Labor Certification Coordinator for Washington State Employment Security Department.  In this capacity he is responsible for the timely review and process of agricultural employer’s requests for foreign labor certification applications. Furthermore, he provides professional and technical guidance to the field in regards to the H2A and H2B visa programs.  Lastly, he is tasked with the dissemination of program updates to the field and stake holders throughout the state.

Phone: (509) 863-3490



Alex Ybarra

Quincy resident, Alex Ybarra was appointed to the Commission in 2016. As a Quincy School District Board Director and Director on the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), he brings a broad range of knowledge on educational issues to our commission.

Phone: (509) 237-1921