Lisa van der Lugt

Executive Director

Lisa van der Lugt was appointed as Executive Director for the Commission on Hispanic Affairs in April of 2017 by Governor Jay Inslee. Mrs. van der Lugt served as the Business Process Manager of State Efficiency and Environmental Performance Program at the Department of Enterprise Services prior to her appointment. Mrs. van der Lugt has deep roots as a Latina and familial ties to the Latino community of Washington. She was raised in the Yakima Valley by her parents and knows the value and importance of the farm-working community of Washington.

Lisa began her state service and work to advocate for the disenfranchised people of Washington as Chief of Staff for Congressman Jay Inslee in 1990. She would later continue her philanthropic work as the Chief of Staff to Melinda Gates. She continued her work for the state while working with the Governor Inslee’s Performance and Regulatory Processes Transition Advisory Committee and aiding in the efforts a prosperous economy as a Lean Fellow on Goal Council 2 of Results Washington.


Mynor R. Lopez

Manager of Executive Operations

Mynor is a proud Guatemalan-American born and raised in the Yakima Valley in the town of Granger, Washington. He graduated from Washington State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in History. He has been involved in work with the Latino community through el Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A) as well as working to coordinate the Children of Aztlán Sharing Higher Education (CASHE) Conference at Washington State University. Mynor believes that working to give a voice to the Latino community is paramount.

Mynor continually returns to volunteer at Granger High School and support the students who attend the school. He has a strong drive to improve the educational outcomes of Latinos across the state and has worked to address the educational opportunity and achievement gap. He has worked with programs such as the Youth Experience Project to help develop critical educational curricula for students of color and traditionally underrepresented students.