Brian Moreno - Chair

1st Term expires 8/1/2019

Brian Moreno is a small business owner, who was appointed to the commission in 2016. He sees his role in his company as finding ways to inspire upward of 70 individuals to deliver high-quality experiences. It's a unique challenge, understanding each person's motivations, skills, and opportunities. He brings these same skills to his role as a commissioner.

Brian’s primary focus is on economic development. He is also passionate about safe communities and the role law enforcement plays within, as well as education. Connecting the lines between upward mobility and conditions of success is a fascinating art and crucial to our understanding of the opportunities ahead of us.

Brian’s strong outreach and collaboration skills, have allowed the commission to be counted upon for partnerships with local and state organizations. These partnerships are creating opportunities for young Latinos in the Tri-City area.

  Residence : Pasco   Phone : (509) 760-9768   Email :    

Residence: Pasco

Phone: (509) 760-9768


David Morales - Vice Chair

1st Term expires 8/1/2019

David Morales was appointed to the commission in 2013. He is a legal aid attorney in Yakima focusing on farmworker clients. He practices primarily employment rights and civil rights law. David has previous experience in immigrant rights, voting rights, and prisoner rights, having worked for Latino Justice, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Catholic Charities of San Antonio Immigration Services. David was appointed in August of 2014 to serve on the Commission.

Aside from his work on the Commission for Hispanic Affairs, David is involved in various organizations dedicated to the betterment of the Yakima valley. He volunteers for Yakima Valley May 1st Coalition, the Latino Bar Association of Washington, One America, and lastly the Yakima Humane Society. He is part of the board of La Casa Hogar, a non-profit that aims to serve the Latino Community through education, health and civic programs. He is also the president of the board of el Progreso, an organization founded on Latino political organization, and lastly he is a member of the City of Yakima Equity and Ethics Committee.

David moved to Yakima after graduating from Columbia Law School in 2012. He is a 2008 graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and spent a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in San Antonio, Texas.

  Residence:  Yakima   P:  (425) 298-7133   E:    

Residence: Yakima

P: (425) 298-7133



Andrés Mantilla

1st Term expires 8/1/2017

Andrés Mantilla was appointed to the commission in 2013 and served as chairman in 2016.

As a commissioner, Andres’s concentration is on civic engagement and minority businesses. He also brings to the commission a strong knowledge and understanding of policy development and legislative outreach. 

Andres’ work focuses on government and community affairs in Seattle. He works on local and regional issues ranging from transportation, equity, economic empowerment and minority businesses engagement.  He is also a board member of One America Votes. 


  Residence:  Seattle   Phone:  (949) 230-9130   Email:

Residence: Seattle

Phone: (949) 230-9130


Nora Coronado

1st Term expires 8/1/2018

Nora Coronado was appointed to the commission in 2013. She currently works with the University of Washington School of Medicine Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI) as the Director of Community Engagement. She is responsible for the UW Network for Underrepresented Residents and Fellows (UWNURF); the Committee on Minority Faculty Advancement (CMFA); the Health Sciences Recruitment Collaborative (HPRC); the Health Sciences Diversity Committee; and the African American Roundtable among others.

Nora’s focus on the commission is related to Health which encompasses anything from housing to physical or mental health.  This has been an area of interest since the beginning of her career.  She is particularly interested in health disparities as it pertains to Hispanic communities.

Her expertise in community outreach and research is a tremendous asset to the commission. Some of the organizations that Nora works with are the Latino Community Fund, Casa Latina, SeaMar, El Centro de la Raza, and the Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic.

  Residence:  Seattle   Phone:  (206) 714-2614   Email:

Residence: Seattle

Phone: (206) 714-2614


Anita Ahumada

2nd Term expires 8/1/2020

Anita Ahumada was appointed to the commission in 2012 and is currently serving her second term. Serving her Latino community is Anita’s passion. She conducts outreach and communicates to a variety of stakeholders in an effort to improve government agencies services tour community.

Anita’s areas of concentration are issues related to housing discrimination and language access. She was instrumental in passing SB 5046, which requires public notices of public health, safety, and welfare in a language other than English.

Anita believes that by being a cultural bridge for our communities we can change somebody’s world for the better and inspire them to strive for higher horizons for themselves and their children.

The Washington State Coalition of Language Access recently honored Anita as one of their Language Access Heros.

  Residence : Olympia   P : (360) 451-2490   E :    

Residence: Olympia

P: (360) 451-2490


Paula Arno Martinez

1st Term expires 8/1/2019

Paula Arno Martinez was appointed to the commission in 2016. She is an immigration attorney for a nonprofit organization in Wenatchee.

Paula focuses on issues related to immigration and farm-worker rights. She has participated in numerous forums related to DACA and other immigration related topics, where her expertise in immigration rights is sought.

Other organizations that Paula works closely with are the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network.

  Residence : Wenatchee   Phone : (713) 478-6289   Email :    

Residence: Wenatchee

Phone: (713) 478-6289


Juan José Maldonado

1st term expire 8/1/2020

Juan Jose was raised in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, along with three brothers and two sisters and is the eldest of six children. From the age of seven years old, Juan Jose has worked to help his family's economy. He graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in Communications, Science and Human Relations.

Juan Jose moved to Washington State in 1991, where he worked as a farmworker and experienced first-hand some of the injustices many of our brothers and sisters endure in the fields. These experiences, along with those that his parents suffered, created his passion for fighting for the dignity and freedom of his Latino community.

Being part of the Hispanic Affairs Commission, more than personal pride, is a commitment and an opportunity for him to continue his activist work. His strong values and convictions are the same and he will continue to work toward improving the conditions of those who do not have a voice and suffer despite their work and contribution to this country.


Juan Jose fue criado en la ciudad de Guadalajara Jalisco, junto con sus  tres hermanos y dos hermanas, siendo el mayor de seis hijos. Desde la edad de los siete años, Juan Jose ha trabajado para ayudar en la economía de su familia. Él se graduó de la Universidad de Guadalajara con un título en Ciencias de la Comunicación y otro en Relaciones Humanas.

Juan José se mudó al estado de Washington en 1991, donde trabajó como trabajador agrícola y experimentó algunas de las injusticias que muchos de nuestros hermanos y hermanas sufren en los campos. Estas experiencias, junto con las que sufrieron sus padres, crearon su pasión por luchar por la dignidad y la libertad de su comunidad latina.

Ser parte de la Comisión de Asuntos Hispanos, más que el orgullo personal, es un compromiso y una oportunidad para que continúe su trabajo activista. Sus fuertes valores y convicciones son las mismas y continuará trabajando para mejorar las condiciones de aquellos que no tienen voz y sufren a pesar de su trabajo y contribución a este país.

  Reside  nce:  Mount Vernon   Phone:  (360)840-9310   Email:

Residence: Mount Vernon

Phone: (360)840-9310


Leonor Barrientes de Maldonado

1st term expires 8/1/2020

Leonor Barrientes de Maldonado was appointed to the commission in 2017.

Leonor was born and raised in San Benito, which is located at the tip of Texas.  Her family moved to the Toppenish area when she was in high school.  After graduation from high school, she was recruited to the University of Washington.

Leonor has had a passion for education since the 70’s and in that time, she has been a migrant teacher, migrant counselor, an assistant high school principal, a middle school principal, a director of ELL students, and an assistant superintendent. She was also the founding director of the High School Academy in Columbia Basin College.  Currently, she is the Coordinator of Migrant & Bilingual Programs in the Prosser School District.  Leonor believes that a strong education affords a voice to the voiceless and opens doors to opportunities. 

Leonor and her husband of 46 years, Jesús, have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren, and reside in Grandview.

  Residence:  Grandview   Phone:  (206) 418-9361   Email:

Residence: Grandview

Phone: (206) 418-9361


Rene A. Maldonado

1st term expires 8/1/2020

Rene A. Maldonado was appointed to the commission in 2017. He is the Foreign Labor Certification Coordinator for Washington State Employment Security Department.  In this capacity he is responsible for the timely review and process of agricultural employer’s requests for foreign labor certification applications. Furthermore, he provides professional and technical guidance to the field in regards to the H2A and H2B visa programs.  Lastly, he is tasked with the dissemination of program updates to the field and stake holders throughout the state.

Maldonado, has extensive experience in Agriculture in Washington State where he started working as a young man thinning apples, picking cherries and assisting in the operation of a small farm that grows cherries, pears and apples.  He received his master’s in foreign languages and cultures from Washington State University and finished all his coarse work towards his Ph.D. in Boarder Lands Poetics from Arizona State University. His academic and agricultural experience is coupled with over 10 years of state service and 4 years of military service in the United State Air Force. 

  Residence:  Tonasket   Phone:  (509 )863-3490   Email :    

Residence: Tonasket

Phone: (509 )863-3490


Alex Ybarra

1st Term expires 8/1/2019

Quincy resident, Alex Ybarra was appointed to the Commission in 2016. As a Quincy School District Board Director and Director on the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), he brings a broad range of knowledge on educational issues to our commission.

Alex’s interest are in making sure that Latino/a students across the state receive a quality education by ensuring that outreach and policy efforts are in line with the needs of our community.

Climate change is another of Alex’s interest and he is current an energy/reliability compliance auditor for Grant County Public Utility District.

  Residence:  Quincy   Phone:  (509) 237-1921   Email:    

Residence: Quincy

Phone: (509) 237-1921